Howell Photography


Howell is a multifaceted creative visionary from Appalachia who has charted a remarkable journey in the world of visual storytelling. His multidisciplinary approach encompasses roles as a Creative Director, Designer, Photographer, and Artist. Howell’s early engagement with digital and analog photography was the genesis of a career that now marries a myriad of creative disciplines. This fusion results in a body of work that effortlessly blends contemporary sensibilities with timeless appeal. His narratives, whether captured through a lens or crafted in a design studio, consistently resonate with a broad and diverse audience.


Howell’s portfolio is a vibrant tapestry of professional versatility, showcasing his prowess in not just photography, but also in brand strategy, design, and artistic expression. His collaborations span across sectors such as technology, fashion, and lifestyle, working with illustrious clients who seek his unique blend of creative direction and visual storytelling. These projects underscore his talent for adapting his distinct narrative style to various mediums while upholding the authenticity and depth that define his work.

In his role as a Creative Director and Designer, Howell weaves complex themes of cultural identity, technological evolution, and the nuances of the human condition into his projects. His approach transcends traditional photography, delving into the realms of design and art to unearth and showcase the layers of story and emotion underlying each subject. His subjects, portrayed in their natural states, become part of a larger narrative that Howell crafts with honesty and subtle elegance.

Born in the late 1980s, Howell’s roots in Appalachia, have shaped his worldview, inspiring a body of work that transcends geographical boundaries. His journey as a creative force is a relentless pursuit of innovation and connection, manifesting in every project and collaboration he undertakes. Justin R. Howell’s work is a testament to the power of visual storytelling in its myriad forms – a journey that invites viewers into the heart of human expression and the diverse tapestry of life itself.